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Boho Markets

Our very own Boho Markets!

Where do i start... This was one for the ages.

Our boho event was organised within 3 weeks.

We hand picked 16 epic stalls, 2 musicians, and 1 hall- then started advertising on social media.

The day before our event was scheduled, BANG- Perth and Peel were put into a flash lockdown (cheers for the COVID). Fortunately, the South West was still free to roam, which meant the show could still go on!

We had a quick chat to all our stalls holders to make sure everyone was comfortable to go ahead. We had 1 who couldn't attend due to the restrictions, and 2 due to being unwell. We had to be safe, so even with 3 stalls down we still were buzzing with excitement.

One thing I will note about this event was that I felt a huge pressure for it to do well. I applied that pressure to myself, I wanted every single stall who attended to do well. Judging from the feedback, they all had a great time and had an outstanding response from all that attended.

I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment, I feel so humbled and so, so thankful.

The turn out was incredible. We had people arriving when we were still setting up, people waiting outside for 3.30pm. Once we opened, we had a flood of customers flow in.

Our Boho Markets were a tremendous success, and it fills me with such excitement and inspiration for the next event!

Stay tuned hunnysssss

Luna & Sol (jewellery/leather)

Oasis CLo (clothing)

Rae Collected (pottery)

Emiley Rose Art (mixed media art)

VanBoxHead (hats)

Salty Sketches (Ocean based artist)

HoneyBones (eco-conscious swimtimates)

LeeLee & Co (Essential Oils)

Pottery by Cam (handmade ceramics)

Made by the Sea (create crafts)

Event photos by Fran

Music by: Kiera Jas & Juni Sound

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