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We are no longer making this collection

Available only at our markets or via Instagram

Our SALTY X SOL collection. 

A sweet little range designed in collaboration with the local babe Lauren from Salty Sketches.

This range features 12 hand drawn blooms- one for each zodiac sign. 

Working with other women in business brings us so much joy, and we are beyond proud of this range.

There’s no rules- you can wear a flower simply because you like it-  you don’t have to get your star sign flower! Get creative and layer them amongst one another.

Simplicity at its best- 

Our Salty x Sol range is in collaboration with Lauren from Salty Sketches.

Salty x Sol: Welcome

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Salty x Sol: New Collection


Natural disasters like the 2019-20 bushfires are devastating for koala populations. Tens of thousands of koalas died in the flames. Climate change means we can expect natural disasters to be more frequent, more extreme - and to happen in more parts of the country in the future. 

Koalas are fighting a number of catastrophic threats to their survival. Without urgent help, koalas in east coast states are on track for extinction by 2050. Your support today of three critical projects could help give koalas their best chance of survival.

Donating $1 from every sale of our SALTY X SOL range to WWF

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